Shaped Boots

These can be made In nearly every colour and combination. Choose from hearts, stars, ribbon etc. Made from high quality vinyl. They are shaped around the fetlock to add protection in the paddock or exercise. They can be lined in different types of fabric including Sherpa, Synthetic Wool, 100% Wool and pure sheepskin. Sherpa and synthetic wool both come in black or natural colour. Filled with 10mm foam for extra protection. Matching bell boots can be made at a extra cost. Prices are listed below, set of four boots

Sherpa • Synthetic Wool • 100% wool • Pure Sheepskin 



Square Style Boots

This style of boots can be made in any colour and combination. Made from tough High quality vinyl. Can be lined in either Sherpa, Synthetic Wool, 100% Wool or pure sheepskin. Add stars and ribbon for extra colour.Both Sherpa and Synthetic wool can be done in black or natural. Matching bellboots can also be made to match. Lined with 10mm foam for protection. Set of four boots

Sherpa • Synthetic Wool • 100% wool • Pure Sheepskin



Double Velcro Boots

These wonderful boots are particularly good for horses that tend to get there boots off. The Velcro has two attachments to make them harder to get off. Can be made with 21oz rip stop canvas or vinyl. Lots of colour options available. Can be lined in either Sherpa, Synthetic Wool, 100% Wool or sheepskin, Set of four boots. Lined with 10mm foam for protection. All materials are of high quality, matching bell boots can also be made at a extra cost

Sherpa • Synthetic Wool • 100% wool • Pure Sheepskin


Special Paddock or exercise boots

These sets of boots where started for those on more of a budget. Still made with the same high quality materials but only in Sherpa lined with one star on each boot. The star can either be single or double and the straps can be a different colour. Lined with 10mm foam for protection and also in black or natural Sherpa. Great boots for the paddock, super easy to wash just put in the washing machine and they look like new.



Dressage Boots

These boots are made for the dressage riders. White vinyl outer with soft 100% wool lining, Fantastic for dressage prize giving or those who just like to look smart with white boots. Can have a extra strike pad added. Plain white or white with a little bling from adding ribbon, 10mm foam lined for protection. Stand out from the crowd with these super smart boots. Set of 4

100% wool lined $100

shaped boots 10
dressage boots