Price list:

PVC Products

Hay bags including stars and ribbon $40

Feed Bag including stars and ribbon $70

Whole Bale bags $75

50cm x 50cm gear bag including stars and ribbon $69

60cm x40cm x 40cm including stars and ribbon $69

Stable Boot organiser Large 1x zip pocket $75

Float door organiser with zip pockets Large $75

Nose bags for hard feed $55

Ring side Bags with 2x external zip pockets $45

Grooming/ring side bags no pockets $35

Saddle blanket bag to fit approx. x6 $55

Yard Gates with stars $70

Yard gates with embroidery $80

Brow band holder x3 $45 or x4 $50



Saddle covers

Available in various sizes and styles eg dressage, G.P, jumping

Polar fleece with ribbon,stars and stripes $50

Shower proof soft shell with ribbon, stars and stripes $55

Stirrup Iron Covers pair $15


Plaiting Aprons $50

Grooming or Ringside bags $50

All available in matching colours

Jacket & Cane Bags POA

Price List

BOOT Set of 4

Shaped Pure sheepskin $160

shaped 100% wool  $100

Shaped synthetic wool $90

Shaped Sherpa $80


Square Pure Sheepskin $160

Square 100% wool $90

Square synthetic wool $80

Square Sherpa $70


Square double Velcro Pure sheepskin $160

Square double Velcro 100% wool $90

Square double Velcro synthetic wool $85

Square double Velcro Sherpa $80


matching bell boots pure sheepskin $60

Matching bell boots 100% wool $40

matching bell boots synthetic wool  or Sherpa $35


Fleece wraps
$50 set of 4


Saddle Blankets
Hack $65

Pony $60

Embroidery add $8 per side


Lunge pads
with stars and ribbon $25


PVC bags are all available made to measure

Embroidery can be added to any product at approx. $10 per name

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