Browband Holders

These can be made in any number that you need to hold all your precious browbands. Made from strong PVC on the back and super strong clear plastic on the pockets. Ribbon added to match. Zips are heavy duty metal zips. 









Matching Bell Boots

These are made from exactly the same products as the boots. Colours will match your boots. Add ribbon or stars to match. 10mm foam lined and can come in Sherpa, synthetic wool, 100 % wool or pure sheepskin just like our boots. Many many colour combinations are available.


Sherpa lined 

Synthetic Wool or 100% wool 

Pure sheepskin 


Made in Hack, Cob or pony size in G.P or dressage, poly cotton on outside so will not shrink in the wash. You can have either quilted poly cotton lining or sports fabric which wicks away the sweat keeping your horse fresh, make your blanket extra special with embroidered names or add stars. Filled with 10mm foam for comfort.

Lunge Roller Sets

Match your stable colours with one of our super smart lunge roller sets. The set includes a lunge roller, lunge pad and side reins all matching. The roller is extra padded over the wither and made from a heavy cotton drill, matching ribbon and your choice of colour binding to add your colours. The lunge pad is sports sweat absorber material on the underside and matching material on top. Side reins can be clip on or a loop for the girth straps. Lots of colour combinations are available. 

False Tail Bags

False tail bags are made with cotton drill canvas and silky lined so your  tails will not stick. Clip inside to attach your tail to. Add stars and ribbon to match all your goodies. Can be made in any size.

Bridle Bags

Bridle bags are made from cotton drill canvas and are fully padded with silky lining. These have Velcro attachment inside to hang your bridle. A fantastic feature in our bridle bags are the reinforcing in the top circle so that when your bridle is hanging it will not drop and cause the big sag in the top. Super strong and lots of protection for your special bridle.

Hay Carrier Bags

Made from strong UV protected pvc and webbing. There is nothing worse than getting hay all over your clothes while carrying your hay and feed to your paddock. Or you struggle to carry your hay and feed buckets all at once. These are amazing and make life so much easier. Any colours available to match or can make to order any size but these easily fit 4 slices of hay. 

Saddlecloths & Misc